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Huhtamäki law is a legal boutique owned by a married couple. Solving legal problems in and out of court is what we do. Moreover, we advise how to avoid them if there still is a possibility to do so. We have been doing this for  over 30 years and together since 1993. 

Huhtamäki law

Huhtamäki law provides legal services especially for family businesses. Since 1993 we have pursued and resolved about 3.000 cases, big and small.

Our main office is in Helsinki and we also have premises in Turku. Yet, our area of operation covers entire Finland and often even other countries in the European Union.

We serve our clients in five different languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish and German.

Ari Huhtamäki Seija Huhtamäki



  • Merchants, distributors, resellers, traders
  • Construction companies
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies
  • Medical operators, medical doctors, dentists
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Automobile dealers
  • In dispute resolution matters even municipalities

Private individuals:

  • Advising entrepreneurs
  • Family matters:
    • Estates, probates
    • Divorces
    • Custody matters

Our Story

Huhtamäki law is a legal boutique providing legal services especially for family businesses. Our typical clients are small or medium-sized family businesses and individuals with professional background.

Our main office is located in central Helsinki. Clients regularly visit us also in our premises in Turku. Our area of operation covers, however, entire Finland and as it often happens also the other countries of the European Union. We litigate and arbitrate for our clients in Finnish, in Swedish and in English. Furthermore, we negotiate even in German and in Spanish. A large number of our assignments are related to foreign trade and its various contracts. Many disputes are resolved in arbitration.

Contact us

Huhtamäki Oy
Aurorankatu 19 A 4
FIN-00100 Helsinki



Ari: 0400 612 227
Seija: 0500 612 228


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